Growler Choir – The Dayking

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Montreal’s Growler Choir (Le Choeur Des Growlers in French) was dreamt up by composer Pierre-Luc Senécal in 2016. What may have been a wild fantasy for many metalheads was finally brought to fruition in May 2019 in co-production with Le Vivier et Codes d’Accès when the eighteen member choir took the stage for their first public performance.

Comprised solely of metal growlers, the choir blends metal and contemporary music in a way that is groundbreaking. In their debut performance conducted by Senécal, the Growler Choir performed the dramatic words from the poem “The Dayking” by Fortner Anderson backed with a reinforced sound arsenal. The Growler Choir does more than emphasize vocal techniques specific to the genre of extreme metal, they explore the sonic potential of the voice to demonstrate its extraordinary properties, both sensual and monstrous.

The Growler Choir innovates on several levels. On one hand, it materializes an almost mythical idea of metal music; on the other hand, it renews the archetypes of a genre by approaching them in an experimental spirit. In short, they are making contemporary and metal music more approachable for new audiences.

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