Vukari – Demo MMXVIII II

Vukari - MMXVII II

It’s been three years since we heard anything new from Chicago, Illinois atmospheric/post-black metal band Vukari, when they released their hypnotic somber album Divination. But it seems like the band have worked on some new material in that time and have updated their Bandcamp page with two new songs, which is coming from their new demo, Demo MMXVIII.

Musically, Demo MMXVIII starts in the point where Divination ends. While Vukari mostly were focusing on creating epic bleak soundscapes on two of their earlier records, Matriarch and En to Pan, they started to focus more guitar driven songs on Divination, writing songs that are mostly constructed upon black metal known elements, while they still keep their music close to atmospheric, post-black metal themes.

And now, on Demo MMXVIII, they have kept the spirit of Divination alive, and by adding parts into the songs which are presented by mournful melodic guitar solos, accompanied with gloomy guitar riffs and keyboard that are dormant under the pieces, their music has become more narrative, more dynamic and more convulsive. Between these two new demo songs, “Disparity (The Great Works)” is more based on the mentioned song structure than the other song, “Entire Worlds Encased in Ice.”

Although Demo MMXVIII follows Divination in terms of form and sound, but it still sounds fresh and has a role as a bridge between the older sound of Vukari and their newer releases. It powerfully projects the future sound of Vukari, where they are heading to and how they are going to transcend their realm of music.

LISTEN: Bandcamp

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