Spook The Horses – People Used To Live Here

Spook The Horses - People Used To Live Here

Five of the six band members of Wellington, New Zealand’s Spook The Horses play some form of guitar, two play the drums, two play synths and two handle vocals. Talk about mutual musical comprehension. You can definitely sense this band’s degree of freedom on People Used To Live Here, as they effortlessly play through eight psychedilc tinged, dark post-rock tracks.

“Lurch” starts things off with a hypnotic, dirge-like pace that never falters. The brushed drums really add to the overall darkness of this track. Listen to this song below. “Crude Shrines” continues in this fashion, while “Blessed Veins” gives you a sense of urgency, like something just isn’t right. Everything is OK, though, and it really is amazing to me how this band can convey those feelings in such a slow song.

Remember, heavy doesn’t always have to be loud and fast. In the case of People Used To Live Here, slow and low, that is the tempo. And DARK!

Spook The Horses is Zach Meech (drums/guitar/vocals), Alex Ross (bass), Donnie Cuzens (guitar/synth), Callum Gay (guitar/drums/vocals/synth), Ben Dentice (guitar) and Max Telfer (visuals).

People Used To Live Here was released through Pelagic Records on November 10th. Vinyl and CD versions and a t-shirt bundle are available right now on the Pelagic Records website.

LISTEN: Bandcamp

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