Pressed – Anxiety Dream

Pressed - Anxiety Dream

Normally my anxiety dreams are taking exams, or being thrust on to a stage and expected to perform a musical turn (I ditched my recorder aged 6 – could never play it now!). But these anxiety dreams are mine multiplied to the max. All those under current feelings balled up and pressed deep down, so that only when you least expect it, they seep out in to your vibrant dreams, or in this case angst ridden raw bawling noise rock.

Memphis noiseniks Pressed have unveiled a five track mini album that for the most part walks the line of a band teetering on complete chaotic meltdown. And then on tracks such as “My Eris,” they take you down in to the nether regions of your id where the wild things are, the deepest darkest depths of your mind, where the deepest, darkest sounds and tunes dwell, before reaching this midpoint nadir, and then the mini-lp attempts to claw its way back up through the “Black Blanket” and out of the hell hole it has created.

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