Gleb Kanasevich – Asleep

Asleep - Gleb Kanasevich

Gleb Kanasevich is an experimental clarinetist based in the Bronx. He creates a massive wall of sound using a bass clarinet run through six guitar amps, a megaphone and sometimes thick layers of feedback. Asleep is Gleb’s fourth release, and his second this year. Subtraction, a single continuous 45 minute track, was released on January 14 and is available through Flag Day Recordings at this location.

“Clearing” is a slow moving, ambient song. It’s pretty much a varied, low distant rumble. Not really much going on here, and that’s okay. I’m basing this on the download version which is around 14 minutes long. As of this review, I haven’t listened to the cassette version (due to my tape deck taking a shit right before I got this tape in the mail) which is considerably longer. Right from the start, “Fortress” hits you like a ton of bricks. It starts out with a wailing, almost screeching tone. After about four minutes in, the sound fluctuates a bit. There are moments of undecipherable noise brought down to a low hiss, then right back up to the blaring distortion. Lots of distortion. A little over 20 minutes worth. Not sure when Gleb really has a chance to breathe. “Mantle” starts off with a low, deep vibrating distortion, which gives way to more ear piercing sounds. At times is seems like the clarinet is talking to you, or trying to communicate in some strange, alien like way. It’s a quick ten minutes.

If you are into experimental noise and drone, Asleep will be right up your alley. If not, let Gleb and his bass clarinet be your introduction into a whole new world of sound.

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