Lord Buffalo – Tohu Wa Bohu

Lord Buffalo - Tohu Wa Bohu

With their spacious soft/loud dynamics and violin drone, Lord Buffalo is often the loudest band on a folk bill, and the quietest to play the stoner fest, never failing to hold their own and make the dichotomy feel effortless.

Lord Buffalo‘s new album, Tohu Wa Bohu, is thick with captivating intensity and brooding heaviness of the soul. An unsettling ride through open plains and melancholic midwestern imagery, the record plays across genres, taking cues equally from Morricone and Badalementi as well as Sabbath and Swans.

Lord Buffalo create somber, crashy, ghost-town Americana on new album Tohu Wa Bohu, thick with captivating intensity and brooding heaviness of the soul.

Imagine the haunted sensibility of artists like Chelsea Wolfe, David Eugene Edwards (Woven Hand, 16 Horsepower) and Ian Astbury (The Cult) fused with the spacious, expansive psychedelics of Dead Meadow and All Them Witches.

Lord Buffalo

Tohu Wa Bohu will be released on March 13, 2020, through Blues Funeral Recordings. Vinyl and CD pre-orders available on Bandcamp. Listen to the title track below.


Twitter – https://twitter.com/Lord_Buffalos
Bandcamp – https://lord-buffalo.bandcamp.com/
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/lordbuffalo/
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/lord.buffalo.band

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