Loma Prieta arise from four-year hiatus with ‘Continuum’

Loma Prieta - Continuum

Loma Prieta have enjoyed a long slumber since the 2015 release of their acclaimed LP Self Portrait, but the band is now rousing, ready to unleash a whole new fury upon the world. The West Coast four-piece has announced a forthcoming two-song EP, titled Continuum b/w Fate, and have shared its side A track. More level-headed yet also eclectic than ever before, Loma Prieta have all but lost their gift for melding genres across time and space within a single song.

Watch and share the visualizer for Loma Prieta’s first new track in four years, “Continuum,” on YouTube.

Continuum b/w Fate, due out on January 10, 2020, is a new two-song single recorded by engineer Jack Shirley (Deafheaven, Oathbreaker). The a-side “Continuum” is a powerful dirge that pokes holes in the perpetual motion and unachievable expectations of society. The track ruminates as much as it rages. The b-side, “Fate,” basks in a Pixies-esque lightness to veil the ten-ton weight of its subject matter, only to buckle beneath a cloak of chaos. Built around the lyrics “Drugs and God the same distractions / Lay on the dirty floor and stare at the ceiling, like it was a planetarium dome,” the track is primo Loma Prieta, bringing screamo into emotionally potent and musically complex territories.

Deathwish Inc. will release the Continuum b/w Fate EP on January 10, 2020. Pre-order a copy of your own here. Stay tuned for more updates.

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