Eye Flys – Tub of Lard

Eye Flys - Tub of Lard

On the heels of their acclaimed 2019 EP Context, Eye Flys have announced their debut full-length, Tub of Lard. Following the album’s release, Eye Flys will be touring throughout Europe with Full of Hell and Primitive Man, including a set at Roadburn Festival. A band of considerable pedigree, including members of Full of Hell, Backslider, Triac, Eye Flys are fiercely precise, churning steel-barbed riffs and beefy inventive rhythms that are delivered with exponential force. On Tub of Lard, Eye Flys expand on their concise and punishing EP with 10 songs of maximum impact in their lean and focused raw power.

The album takes its title from a jeering and unwelcome schoolyard nickname of vocalist/guitarist Jake Smith. Opening track and first single “Tubba Lard” finds Smith spitting back the insults and body shaming that he endured during his upbringing. This unvarnished truth-telling is central to the album’s commentary on our social hypocrisy and resulting abuse. Smith’s lyrics across the album are unrelenting, taking aim at misogyny and rape culture, the military industrial complex, and more personal, internal conflicts.

Written during the summer of 2019, Tub Of Lard was composed and recorded around the band’s debut tours with Daughters and Torche. Though Eye Flys members live in different cities, Tub of Lard came together as a more collaborative album than the raw and loose EP. Smith and drummer Patrick Forrest created the framework of each piece while guitarist Spencer Hazard shaped their frayed edges with layers of noise and guitar texture. The gravelly muck-laden basslines by Kevin Bernstein, who recorded the album at his Developing Nations studio in Baltimore, are handily interwoven beneath the pummel of Forrest’s drums creating a controlled sense of total abandon that is dizzying.

Tub of Lard is available for pre-order at Thrill Jockey.


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