Iscuron Announce New Album

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Iscuron, the one man black metal band from Italy, has announced the release of a new album, The Pursuit Of Unhappiness, which will be released on December 1st, 2021. This will be the second album from Iscuron, following his January, 2021 debut The Nothing Has Defeated Atreyu.

The new album is an evolution in musical style: black metal with symphonic, atmospheric and medieval influences, including classical, folk and electronic instruments. The Pursuit Of Unhappiness will be released digitally first (link coming soon), with physical releases of both albums being planned for 2022.

The Pursuit of Unhappiness tracklist:
1. This Fog Will Not Dispel
2. The Pursuit of Unhappiness
3. Europa
4. Village Of The Evil Cult
5. The Monastery Of Sorrow
6. The North Star No Longer Shines

Chilean artist Silvana Massa designed the album cover art.


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