Song Premiere: Glitter Wizard – Dead Man’s Wax

Glitter Wizard

Inhale the Heavy is extremely pleased and excited to bring you the premiere of Glitter Wizard‘s new song, “Dead Man’s Wax,” which is taken from their new full-length, Opera Villians.

The album will be released through Heavy Psych Sounds on April 20, 2019. Listen to the new track below.

Formed in the late aughts, Glitter Wizard is renowned for its unique style of over-the-top hard rock and high octane live show that it has been bringing to stages for over a decade. Twisting together elements of Black Sabbath, Hawkwind, Blue Cheer and Black Oak Arkansas (Wendy Stonehenge, the band’s Spandex-clad lead singer, works the stage in a high-energy frenzy that recalls Jim “Dandy” Mangrum), Glitter Wizard‘s sound is a blistering assault of crunchy distortion, spaced-out synthesizers and the cultish echoes of Stonehenge’s incantations. They have won over audiences touring the U.S. and Europe, playing both club shows and festivals like Roadburn, DesertFest, BurgerBoogaloo, SXSW, Desert Daze, and Psycho de Mayo along the way. Glitter Wizard‘s music has been featured in film, podcasts, the X Games, and even a low budget porno.

Are they glam? Are they metal? Stoner rock? Psych? Prog? For years, critics have been trying to pin down Glitter Wizard but this California band refuses to be pigeonholed. They play a unique brand of freak rock and roll that Julian Cope once described as “unashamedly glamorous hard rock”, and he’s not wrong. Pulling influences from the entire heavy rock canon, the group creates music that has a distinct familiarity, yet sounds entirely new and weird. The impending new LP, Opera Villains, brings the heat that we’ve come to expect from the band but adds a layer of theatrics that we haven’t yet heard before.

Comment from the band:
“Dead Man’s Wax”, the third single off of Glitter Wizard’s new LP, Opera Villains, was written under the guidance and light of a Hand of Glory. The riffs and synth leads were conceived by a murderer hanging in the gallows as his last breath escaped. Harnessing the power and vision of the hanged man, Glitter Wizard gives you “Dead Man’s Wax”.

You can pre-order a copy of Opera Villians by visiting the Heavy Psych Sounds webshop right here.

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