Ken’s Top 30 Favorite Albums of 2018

2018 top ten albums on vinyl

I no longer fear hell because I survived 2018. The music on this list played a big part in that.

Here are my top thirty favorite albums. You can download or purchase a physical copy of most of them from Bandcamp, hands down the best goddamn platform available for discovering new music.

30. Wrong, Feel Great, Relapse
29. Judas Priest, Firepower, Columbia
28. Ghost, Prequelle, Loma Vista
27. Without, Elaborations: III, Self-released
26. Irk, Recipes from the Bible, Self-released
25. Vile Creature, Cast of Static and Smoke, Halo of Flies
24. Sleepwalker, For This Time Only, Never Again, Sentient Ruin Laboratories
23. KEN mode, Loved, Season of Mist
22. Daughters, You Won’t Get What You Want, Ipecac Recordings
21. Emma Ruth Rundle, On Dark Horses, Sargent House
20. Thou, Magus, Sacred Bones
19. The Body, O God who avenges, shine forth. Rise up, Judge of the Earth; pay back…, Self-released
18. Bast, Nanoångström, Black Bow Records
17. Leechfeast, Neon Crosses, Dry Cough Records
16. Slaves BC, Lo and I Am Burning, The Fear and the Void
15. High on Fire, Electric Messiah, eOne
14. Thou, Rhea Sylvia, Deathwish
13. Churchburn, None Shall Live… The Hymns of Misery, Armageddon Shop Label
12. Moloch, A Bad Place, Feast of Tentacles
11. YOB, Our Raw Heart, Relapse

10. Lorø, Hidden Twin, Dio Drone

9. Ragana/Thou, Let Our Names Be Forgotten, An Out Recordings

8. Vaureen, Extraterra, Rising Pulse Records

7. Sleep, The Sciences, Third Man

6. Fucked And Bound, Suffrage, Void Assault Records

5. Sumac, Love In Shadow, Thrill Jockey

4. The Body, I Have Fought Against It, But I Can’t Any Longer, Thrill Jockey

3. Insect Ark, Marrow Hymns, Profound Lore

2. Body Void, I Live Inside A Burning House, Seeing Red Records

1. Here Lies Man, You Will Know Nothing, RidingEasy Records

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