Hops Of No Light: Official Beer of Decibel Metal & Beer Festival

Hops Of No Light

Prosthetic Records announce a collaboration beer created with Metal Monkey Brewing out of Romeoville, IL titled, Hops Of No Light. The exclusive beer will serve as the Official Beer of Decibel Metal & Beer Festival in Los Angeles!

About the exclusive brew, Dan Camp of Metal Monkey Brewing comments,

“The beer is loaded with Citra, Simcoe and El Dorado hops to lend dank and tropical fruit notes to a big bitter Double IPA. We’ve been very excited to work with Prosthetic on this beer, as fans of a number of their artists, it’s been fun to let their art influence ours. We wanted this beer to be bitter and aggressive, the antithesis of many of the New England Style IPA’s that are wildly popular these days. More of a reminder of the IPA’s we’ve loved over the years mixed with some newer more exotic hop varietals.”

“Dan and Jason and the Metal Monkey crew are kindred spirits and beer gods”, comments Prosthetic Records co-owner, EJ Johantgen. “Can’t wait to unleash Hops Of No Light!”

About Metal Monkey Brewing
Metal Monkey is a small craft brewery located in Romeoville Illinois. They opened January of 2016 and have kept a simple philosophy; make great beer, have fun and don’t take yourself too seriously. Since opening they’ve steadily increased their production, created a bigger self-distribution footprint throughout the Chicago land area and increased their taproom size to bring live music to the Chicago Suburbs in an unlikely venue. Whether you’re into classic styles, fruited sour beers, hazy IPA’s, or bold barrel aged stouts, Metal Monkey has got you covered. Even though their production size has grown, they still keep the home brewer mentality to push the envelope stylistically.

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