ZORORMR: The Aftermath

Zorormr - The Aftermath album cover Date Released: 06/10/2016
Label: Via Nocturna
Album Type: EP
Album info: Bandcamp

Poland brings forth some immense and brutal death and black metal. I can remember when I first heard Vader in the early 90s, and these days with the world of the Internet it is far easier to explore these hidden corners of the metal map.

This release straddles the black and death, or maybe it sits comfortably in between as the vocals are of a harsher nature, less death grunts, but it isn’t the usual buzzing black metal sound either.

The Aftermath is a six tracker that glories in the heady triumphant days when metal ruled, oh hang on, I have been reliably informed that it still does. “The Last Judgement” balances the harsh power and thunder alongside gentler soothing parts which between them galvanize a truly empirical sound!

Zorormr have come a way since their 2010 raw black metal debut maturing in to a force of truth as they have hosted many a guest appearance including members of Christ Agony, Mercyful Fate and Vader.

This is an accomplished release, as the instruments are well-balanced, still using the human drummer as opposed to old drum machine, it allows textures to be layered along with instrument interplay of guitar, percussion and voice.

The track titles kinda give it away a bit, “Arise, Cthulu, Arise!” and “The Crawling Chaos” to see what their influences and imagery are, but the music carries it well. Lead guitars in a very 80s sounding way hark back to maybe a more innocent time when all this was new to us. “The Aftermath” slows it down to a snail’s pace, and includes some keyboard elements to enrich the emotional stance of the instrumental piece.

Set closer “Zorormr” really echoes an 80s blackened vibe with the pounding kick drums and slightly distant guitars.

The Aftermath is not streaming, so you can listen to Zorormr’s last album Corpus Hermeticum below.

The Aftermath is available for CD pre-order from the Via Nocturna website.

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