Wisteria: Isons Wake

Wisteria - Isons Wake album cover Date Released: 11/30/2015
Label: Independent
Album Type: EP
Band info: Bandcamp

This opens slowly, and when the vocals come in, they sound not quite what I was expecting. A strained female vocalist sounding as at home in Hole as she would here. And I find out that this can be explained by her “other band.” It sounds really slack and lazy, as if recorded on a really hot day. It is a real departure from what the singer, Claire Carreras, does in her other band Life Against Death where she fronts a thrashing grinding death act – here it goes all a bit jazzy, but as if Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing took the Hammer film crew to Ronnie Scott’s one night and it all went a bit wrong.

They surprise me as much as Vodun, shaking your expectations and jarring you in to taking notice as they get you on the back foot and then knock you over just for good measure. SO if you are open-minded and interested in stretching your musical boundaries, and messing with the edges a bit, then do give this a whirl.

“Soul Digression” gets a bit of a groove going as it is over 11 minutes in length, and this is where I start to appreciate her voice as it meanders around the tune. It is well worth a listen if you like your doomy prog along the lines of Blood Ceremony and the much missed The Devils Blood.

I have learned that the pretty purple bloomed plant wisteria is actually poisonous – and I would expect no less from Claire and her crew.

For Wisteria seeds, visit your local garden centre.

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