William English: Basic Human Error

William English - Basic Human Error album coverFor a band that describes itself as a sludge/doom band the opener on this ‘Bud Vessel’ is a ferocious racket. A very strong hardcore influence on this one, and it always interests me how the 80s doom scene not only developed from Sabbath and Pentagram but also Obsessed and Vitus, coming from a far more hardcore field.

William English are a 5 piece band from East Anglia in the UK, and area rich in heavy-duty bands, one of my favourites are Meadows. Having released a split with another local heavyweight Three Thrones, known as the WETT album, this is their first solo piece. The short blast of opener slows a tad with ‘Life of a Fisherman’ which kicks off with some massive riffs, soaring far and away from its hardcore origins. The vocals are harsh and rasping, then more woeful in a EHG way. ‘Seaweed’ sits far more comfortably with me and my ears, with its crunchy, gravel filled guitar sound, and pounding bass and crashing cymbals. The sneering dissociative vocals start at the same time as the guitar starts a very juicy chugga-chugga.

‘Captain Tugboat’ slows it down to a real putrid vomit pace, I have no idea what the songs are about, and the way they sound, I might be better off not knowing. It’s at that slack pace that if it slows anymore it will fall over. ‘Grandpa Sorrow pt1’ demonstrates more of their metal influences even scraping the plectrum along the fret! But ‘A Monger’ has a such a dirty riff that it should come with a health warning, as we are treated to more putrid vocals, screams, growls and crashing drums. As ‘Grandpa Sorrow pt2’ brings this to a close we have some chunk, chunk, chunk guitar riffing with sampled vocals and occasional cymbals, it builds in to something more post-hardcore sounding than before, and then returns to familiar territory with yearning screamed vocals whilst the chugging guitar keeps on chugging. It’s an 11 minute epic that incorporates every aspect of William English.

Label: Grandad Records
Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 06/30/2015
Band info: Facebook

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