“Who ordered the Pan of Phage to go?”

Panphage - Storm
Re-issues galore here for Panphage fans. Nordvis are looking after all your gloomy gothic needs with re-releasing two classic early releases by Panphage. Their debut Storm and split with Thul gets a wider release as they were previously a cassette only deals. Storm breaks us in gently with an ambient intro of “Lugnet” to be soundly woken from slumber with the Swedish strong vocal punchy style, as if barking order to you in the title track.

There is a strong Scandinavian funeral doom feel to this with tracks like “Frusna Varsel,” along with dark blackened European overtones of vocal approach with the odd Tom Warrior style ‘Ugh’ thrown in. “Hemmavid” and “Forfader” brings out a more traditional 80s black metal vein of Panphage, simplistic, in yer face slice of dark horror coupled with the majestic orchestration to keep up the excitement! And we close on “Fenomen” another ambient piece to book end the album.

The cleanliness of listening to this digitally enhances the meticulous precision of this piece of work.

Panphage & Thule split With the split album with Thul, we have a darker more dungeon feel along with a basement blackened metal rawness compared to the cleanliness of Storm. Oddities such as “Lynx” really mess with your head, as it is ambient sound collage with background traces and samples opens doors that maybe best left closed at times. This makes a majestic coupling, the dark waves of mindscaping of Thul married with the dark corners that Panphage inhabits finishing with a triumphant journey past the wall of sleep in to netherworlds of no return.

“Ursus” offers another sound collage break from the traditional electrified music before ending with the blistering “Ginnheilug God” with its blackened rhythmic, near tribal, pounding, and echoing BM vocals offering a stable foray in to the chaotic darkened scenes of north European black metal. And to see us out is “Ginnheilagr” the final ambient exit, as if we pass through the Black Hole in the old 70s sci fi movie to the glistening lands beyond.

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