War Iron: Precession of the Equinoxes

War Iron - Procession of the Equinoxes album coverWhen I first heard of Dreadnaught class battle ships they were not as big and heavy as I expected them to be, I did feel a bit let down. However, having the chance to catch War Iron at London’s Desert Fest in 2013 I now know the true meaning of the words Dreadnaught and War Iron.

Spawned in 2005 War Iron first release was ‘The Faceless Sea’, a bludgeoning 2 tracker clocking in at over 30 minutes. This time ‘Precession of the Equinoxes’ is a 4 tracker with tunes coming in no longer than the 10 minutes mark. But none less heavy. Good Lord! This is heavy, heavy doom, down tuned, with septic sounding harsh blackened vocal style, but does include some epic doom guitar riffing, plus some good doom plod.

‘Summon Demon Scream the Abyss’ slows us down with a gentle guitar intro, but the bludgeoning starts again a minute in with some good echoing chant effects. BIG guitar riffs, BIG drum thumps, its simple, but so hard to get right. And War Iron know how to do it. Having played with a range of bands from GBH and Wormrot, to Black Magician and Wounded Kings, their appeal covers the bases…. Low end power, plus vocals that burn holes in the stage as they drop from Baggy’s mouth.

Title track includes some vocal samples that add an extra texture to the mix, and then Baggy’s voice resembles Bolt Thrower at times playing with styles again. Closing track ‘From Napalm Altar’ gets my vote as it is the most artistic, opening with feedback and pseudo Black Metal whispering that gives way to the guttural growls and drum thumping, fist pumping power, fading out with a minute of echo effected simple drum beats. Sheer class.

This is HEAVY. And next time I play any war games I will be sending forth my War Iron, and watch as all they meet quake and tremble with fear!

Label: Independent
Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 03/27/2015
Band info: Facebook


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