War Curse: Final Days

War Curse - Final Days album cover Date Released: 08/03/2015
Label: Static Tension Recordings
Album Type: Full Length
Band info: Facebook

There’s something really Slayer-esque about this album as it opens. And my favourite Slayer album is South of Heaven, I know, as controversial as that is, I love it. And War Curse really have a “Ghosts of War” style sound to them. Maybe its Tarek’s vocal style that reminds me. And it then develops its thrash riffs, beating drum and angered vocals. The topics on offer are more political than from what I remember Slayer being like in the 80s, and this is a very good old school style thrash album, so it may attract more Kreator fans or even the Megadeth tribes. We have chemical warfare, end of days Armageddon and police brutality – good quality topics for angry thrashers I’d say.

And as this album opens with a track titled “Dawn Patrol” it made me automatically think of Megadave with double guitar attacks. Back in my salad days of youth I always preferred the dirtier Kreator sound than the squeaky clean sound of Metallica and such. So this War Curse would have suited me down to the ground. But they are a young band, only forming in 2013 and this EP seeing a cassette release on Static Tensions in early 2016 as a precursor to recording a full album early 2016.

The track “Final Days” sounds like thrash-by-numbers, but not in a condescending or patronising way. It is just so spot on in my book. It is very hard to recreate something along with your own identity without sounding cheesy or a complete rip-off. However, they sound honest, competent and worth a punt in my book. God I loved thrash, and this may well have re-kindled my inner thrasher!

They describe themselves as “Old school thrash with new school aggression” – I’d go along with that!

• • • • •