Vukari: En To Pan

Vukari - EN TO PAN album cover The United States has seen so many Atmospheric Black Metal bands through the past few years. From the darkest ones to the bands who came up with pink sunshiny album cover which wanted to break the dark and kvlt boundaries of Black Metal, and to define some new imagery.

Some of these bands are coming forth with a more artistic outfit, which is a bit rare now in black metal business, like Wolves in the Throne Room, who is not playing black metal anymore, at least at this period of time.

With a closer look there’re a lot of bands who are trying to represent a huge combination of both artistic and dark vision and one of them is Illinois, Chicago’s young-blood quartet, Vukari.

After releasing the brilliant debut album “Matriarch” in 2013, the band has returned to release the four-piece EP “En To Pan” as their second effort. “En To Pan” comes up with an eye-catching album cover, done perfectly by the band’s drummer/keyboardist Mike DeStefano, which covers the artistic part of the band’s vision so well. “En To Pan” starts with a seven minutes powerful opener “Din Of Consciousness” with a one minute and thirty seconds hypnotizing intro attached to the beginning of the song, which clearly shows playing stylish Post-Rock is still one of the band’s musical hobbies and they’re not afraid to put some of those Post-Rock parts in-between the song(s). “Din Of Consciousness” has enough time and mesmerizing atmospheric parts to take you away, to an adventurous meditative journey.

The second song “Riddled With Fear And Doubt” is the album’s key song and without any doubt, the most powerful one. Double bass filled song merged into some blast beats parts and then an utterly melodic and catchy chorus comes on. “Riddled With…” multi-layered guitars and drums works are brilliant with a placid keyboards part lies underneath the song, just to increase the seductive atmosphere of the song to an astonishing level. Maybe the song’s only problem is the end where the song fades out unexpectedly, which leaves you wishing it wouldn’t have happened that fast. However, this is not a major problem to ruin all those breathtaking complicated parts this song has.

“Weightless” is the shortest song of the album, projects the band’s ability to create and focus on shorter, softer and absolute Post-Rock based songs, making them as a bridge to the next song, as they had some of these short songs in their debut full length album “Matriarch”. The fourth and last song of the album, which is the longest one, is the EP’s self-titled song “En To Pan”. This Song is based on two parts, while it starts with a full-force Black Metal attack, getting slower with each minutes the song goes forward, yet again met with a Post-Rock interlude and it ends with a climactic mid-tempo Black Metal, while the passionate outro to a passionate album is observable.

“En To Pan” and “Riddled with Fear and Doubt” quickly became fan-favorite songs as the EP itself. To me, Vukari is not a Black Metal band whose music is filled with Post-Rockish melodies. Vukari is a Post-Rock band who is playing its music in a hard, harsh and distorted way, which lead their music sounds like Atmospheric Black Metal. “En To Pan’s” strength is imminent, and if you are following the recent United States Black Metal movement, Vukari will give you everything you need to listen. “En To Pan” is sovereign and better constructed than “Matriarch”. So if you really like the debut album, “En To Pan” will be like a double-shot for you!

Words by Arash Khosronejad | Twitter: @arashkh

Label: Independent
Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 07/25/2014
Band info: Facebook

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