Vukari Divination

Vukari - Divination album cover This feels like bedroom music, but not in a Marvin Gaye type way. Some scenes are about the live experience, some are best suited for nightclubs and this album is best suited for a darkened bedroom. Vukari have spent a lot of time working on atmosphere and ambience here. The intro is chord based electronic waves before the second half kicks in with full band support charging forth in an aggressive black metal style.

“Cursus Honorum” slows the pace down to a more steady black metal beat, but we still get a strong atmospheric buzz to it, and this is maybe via the vocals which are bordering on the ‘not quite there’ at times – so is he actually singing from another dimension?!

What does set this apart from most black metal is the lead guitar breaks and it’s the rhythms sections that I find I start to get wonderfully lost in, lying comfortably in my bed especially midway when it breaks down in to a prog exploration! Vukari are not afraid to explore the further reaches of sonic blackened metal.

The album cover offers a touch of the minimalism that is held within, not the usual cover art for a solid slab of blackened filth.

The album has some strong backroom boys –mastered by Justin Weis and engineered by Spenser Morris both of whom have worked with some terrific artists from Agalloch, Slough Feg and Fuath.

And although I have said it is bedroom music, I have to add that the band are eagerly putting together some summer shows after playing with Taake, Vernod and Falls of Rauros. I would imagine they have a splendid stage show to balance the sonic experience!

The album is telling a story of an ancient Roman man’s lust for power and eventual demise, as they say: Power corrupts – American Presidential candidates, take note!

Date Released: 08/01/2016
Label: Bindrune Recordings
Album Type: Full Length
Album info: Bandcamp

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