Video: The Body & Full of Hell – Farewell, Man

The Body & Full of Hell

“Farewell, Man” is from the upcoming album Ascending a Mountain of Heavy Light by The Body & Full of Hell, set for release November 17, 2017 on Thrill Jockey Records.

About the video, Full of Hell’s Dylan Walker remarks,

“when we were writing “Farewell, Man”, we wanted to encapsulate the free base form of what makes the body what they are and what makes Full of Hell what we are. The structuring is simple and blown out and there’s an extreme variance in tempo. The video was filmed in the Appalachian woods of Pennsylvania. The focus and subject of the video is an immersion baptism, which becomes a drowning. We placed a lot of focus on color and light in each shot and I think it visually represents some of what’s going on throughout this record.”

Watch the video below or at this location.

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