Video: Clouds Taste Satanic – Violence Part III

The doom atmospherists Clouds Taste Satanic have released the third video from their 2017 album The Glitter of Infinite Hell. Directed by G. Acampora, the video is wrought with visual disturbance* to accompany the third movement of the third track “Violence”. (*The video contains graphic imagery and is not suited for children.)

You can check out the Violence Part II videos as well as a couple others on the bands YouTube Channel.

Clouds Taste Satanic released the The Glitter of Infinite Hell on Halloween 2017. The record features four songs on four sides of vinyl, clocking in at just shy of 75 minutes. It harkens back to the band’s debut, To Sleep Beyond the Earth, which presented one song in four parts over two sides of vinyl. If not apparent from the title, this is a concept record referencing the Nine Circles of Hell in Dante’s Inferno. Although only four Circles are titled, each song contains shades of the nine.

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