Vaee Solis: Adversarial Light

Vaee Solis - Adversarial Light album coverPortugal’s underground extreme music scene is getting more interesting each year with bringing some new flesh blood on the dirty murky stage like O Cerco, Vizir, War Cult Supremacy, Mother Abyss and We are the Damned to name a few. These are all recent bands coming from Portugal and their most recent act is Lisbon’s blackened doom metal quartet Vaee Solis, which was formed in 2014.

Vaee Solis didn’t spend time on releasing demos and EPs and the introduction to their music was simplified to the release of their debut album, Adversarial Light. Such a filthy dark start! With a huge desire to play mid-tempo to extremely slow songs, the band didn’t go anywhere far off this basis, brining 38 minutes of pure harsh slowed down gut-wrenching sludgy blackened doom metal. If Vaee Solis intends to play their music slow and fuzzy, somehow the band’s music territory would expand to more doom subgenres such as funeral doom metal but still can’t be defined as “funeral”. They have stood somewhere close to funeral but keep going on with what the band is obsessive about: “blackened” doom, as black, dark and horrifying as your worst nightmares!

Vaee Solis music revolves around four minutes to longer, ten minutes songs based on haunting fuzzy dirty riffs and on more privilege effort; songs are incredibly ornamented by demonic blackening voice of the band’s front woman, Sofia Loureiro. The result of this unholy union, delivers a hypnotizing void, which haunts your ears and rips your soul apart. For the first listening session you would enjoy this album very much, but its problems will appear when Vaee Solis music becomes monotonous and a bit boring, while you’re waiting to hear something more dynamic. Giving Sofia a break to stop singing or screaming on some parts, focusing on more riff variations and tempo changes could have made their debut album, a more wondering enjoyable effort.

Anyhow on Adversarial Light you can clearly hear Vaee Solis’ perfect musicianship, to which all four members have contributed to their best of ability. Vaee Solis might not be all that original to your ears but this is just the beginning of this band and there’s a long way to go. Despite those few mentioned problems, Adversarial Light is a spellbinding release and is one of those albums you don’t want to miss if you’re fan of Coffinworm, Lord Mantis or Dragged into Sunlight.

Words by: Arash Khosronejad (@arashkh)

Label: Independent
Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 03/20/2015
Band info: Facebook

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