USELESS Absence of Grace

Useless - Absence of Grace album cover Useless… useless… useless…

Don’t bother reading this, actually don’t bother doing anything because you are useless, you amount to nothing. That is, at least, the sentiment of this album.

I think Useless are from America, yet are able to channel the ambience of Scandinavian, especially the Norwegian sound through these five tracks of slow, Burzumic buzzing depressing black metal. And as the financial markets plummet after the British vote to leave the EU, what better a soundtrack to the end of times as we know it. Yep, we are all useless.

Opener “Black Wolf” is a howling turbulent storm of a track, with vocalist J screaming and straining his way through. The pace picks up with “Drown Your Hopes” where we border on the more aggressive side of BM, and the whole sound crackles along, as is breaking through from another realm.

As all my readers know I love a threesome, and M, Z and J create a hell of a sound as the trio Useless. And they take no prisoners, they give no quarter as they bludgeon your poor pointless brain with pummeling buzzing guitar, and roars of vocals. The drum beat act as the anchor as I find I drift towards them as a central point of reference whilst the chaos swirls around me.

“Anaesthesia Dolorosa” is a well accomplished track encompassing all that there needs to be, and J squeezes the last of his breath out as he vomits forth the guitar that bleeds in to set closer “The Ultimate Nightmare” at which point I shall leave it there. That track title sums it up.

For lovers of disdainful, hopeless, depressive, black metal. Absence of Grace was released September 2nd on Polish label Third Eye Temple.

Date Released: 09/02/2016
Label: Third Eye Temple
Album Type: Full Length
Album info: Bandcamp

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