Unmothered: U M B R A

Unmothered - U M B R A album coverMy God, this makes me want to get up and throw things! A real 1990s sound greets you with “Magnetor,” warm guitar, and then some almighty rolling drums.

Unmothered, a bunch of noiseniks from Austin, Texas, are releasing U M B R A on Crowquill Records, known mostly for progressive post metal… so this retains some balance. It’s a short and fast release this, so I’ll make it short and fast here.

Unmothered are a three-piece that don’t mess about; I can see black metal fans digging this for its harsh, abrasive guitar sound, as well as crusty grind punks getting off on its speed and approach and the odd grindcore chug-a-lug. “Huntress” is the simplest straight forward two minute romp, whilst last track “Scarp” is the nearest it gets to the words “progressive” and “post” – anything, rising guitars with, again, some stand out fantastic drumming.

It’s got samples, stop/start guitar, backwards cymbal clash, breakdowns, echoey vocals… and that is about all I understand about post/progressive music!!

Label: Crowquill Records
Album Type: EP
Date Released: 05/26/2015
Band info: Facebook

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