Unholy Majesty: All Is Dust

Unholy Majesty - All Is Dust album coverLabel: Carry The Weight Records
Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 11/01/2015
Band info: Facebook

“Forged in the flames of Margate under the shadow of Dreamland in 2011” so says their biography on their Bandcamp page. And this may need a little more explaining for non-UK readers, or even those from outside of Margate. Margate is a seaside town, with a long-established “holiday resort” character, and had felt unloved for a number of years, until a new art gallery opened reinvigorating its life. Dreamland was a funfair park, closed for a number of years and torched by its owner for an insurance scam and was a symbol of the town’s decline. However now Dreamland is resurrected as a heritage theme park, and with that rises Unholy Majesty.

All Is Dust is released on vinyl on Carry the Weight records, and is a belter of putrid hardcore with sludgy slower doom elements. “Earthcaller” starts us off as a good paced tempo with classic 90s flavoured crusty-core content.

There is some great moshing thrash guitar towards the end of “Fractured” and I really like the way each track merges in to the next. “Compliance” takes me back to my school days in the late 80s early 90s and how I’d sit listening to bands like Amebix and Axegrinder whilst I formed my worldwide outlook on life. I’m surprised I am still here, and able to listen to such crushing power and anger as Unholy Majesty. There are some terrific bands coming from the Margate area and Unholy Majesty are well worth exploring.

We finish with some excellent noodling on “All The Way Alive” that acts as an introduction in to “The Tempering” which is an almighty way to end an excellent crust spewing filthy album:

• • • • •