Un: The Tomb of All Things

Un - The Tomb of All Things album coverLabel: Black Bow Records
Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 12/4/2015
Band info: Facebook

From Clan hailing from Eastern UK, I move now to North Western US courtesy of melancholic sludge lords Un. This is slooooo..ooowwww. It brings my heart rate down. A calming atmospheric introduction piece “Epigraph” blends in to the chords of doom of “Sol Marasmus” and it reminds me of early 90s doomy death merchants like Paradise Lost, Sevenchurch and Anathema before they went Floyd-esque.

It certainly evokes the funereal feelings it sets out to with howling growly vocals akin to a red deer bellow, I have no idea what he is saying as it appears to be below the human aural range. I do love the slight rises in tone as heard in the guitar as it lifts ever so slightly out of the chasms of despair.

A three piece swelling to a quartet has allowed their sound to become more textured. I once saw Pantheist play live in a church, and I wasn’t that fussed. However I would jump at the chance to see Un fill the cavernous cathedral sized space like the old Tangerine Dream gigs of myth and legend. A completely different style from Kosmiche synth pioneers, but just as majestic with their fuzz toned reverb soaked resonance.

“Through the Luminous Dusk” expands the vocal range in to something akin to an atmospheric black metal style as it accompanies a pure hopeless and depressive soundtrack. It’s seeing the light of day, or should that read the gloom of dusk in early December, so go to Black Bow records to pre-order a great winter release. Top of many Santa lists I am sure.

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