Twilight Fauna/J. Christensen: Split

Twilight Fauna + Jennifer Christensen - Split album cover Label: Independent
Album Type: Split
Date Released: 12/15/2015
Band info: Facebook

I have played this many times, and tried to write some thoughts about it and I haven’t known where to start. You could say these two sound pieces are two sides of the same coin, or two sides of the same release anyway.

Jennifer Christensen offers the track “Sickness unto Death,” a bleak strings based affair. It sounds like cellos and violins, as if Sherlock Holmes is struggling on a two pipe problem. A six-minute tune, which is probably much quicker than two pipes, it does seem to end too soon for my own particular taste. It feels to me as if it is opening up for a more grander piece, and it leaves me wanting. Maybe this is intended, as the title suggests death and I am left with a feeling of unfinished business.

The second side is Twilight Fauna’s “Crossing the Threshold.” Is this the next installment? After the death one crosses the ultimate threshold. It opens with a relentless black metal guitar sawing with some distant golumesque vocals. A very spooky setting indeed. The breathy vocals come forward as the guitar eases as Twilight Fauna are very good at, and with one last rasping gasp the pedal is put firmly to the metal and the buzzing guitar ensues.

It sounds pretentious, but listening to Twilight Fauna is far more than a passive passing interest, with Paul Ravenwood’s complementing Green Elder project I find myself in stasis as time stands still and I am consumed with sound and emotion.

The split will be co-released in late 2015 on 7” vinyl by Paul Ravenwood’s own Ravenwood Recordings and Red River Family Records. Limited to 300 copies on frosted clear vinyl, the EP will come in a double-sided fold over jacket with artwork designed by Jennifer Christensen.

• • • • •