Transcending Obscurity Label Sampler 2016

Transcending Obscurity - Label Sampler 2016This appeared in the dying embers of 2016, and oh wow did it light up the festivities! 55, yes FIFTY FIVE tracks to stream and download for FREE covering doomy death, grindcore, touches of crust and stoner vibes. And what really excited me about this was the breadth of countries that are represented here.

If you haven’t done so, go and download it, and play it backwards, not for any nefarious Satanic reason, (…sunioj…) but to hear the lesser represented countries in the world of metal, or even western popular culture; India, Singapore, Bangladesh, Pakistan. The label itself is based in India so I this is a terrific gateway in to the south-east Asian metal scene. And what wealth they have there, whether it is the gurgling disgusting grindcore of Gutslit from India or full on Old School Death Metal of Warhound from Bangladesh, or the quite eclectic Grossty from India with their tribal drumming that breaks in to frenetic hardcore.

Indian thrashers Carnage Inc keep it sweet and clean with tight straight as a blade 80s style thrash assault. Dusk from neighbouring Pakistan get all theatrical with their blend of doomy death, like the early Peaceville Three back in the mists of time. This track “For Majestic Nights” makes me act all sorcerer like and wave my arms around like a wizard conducting an orchestra!

Mindkult from USA takes us in to a familiar horror film style introduction as the guitar chords strum and I can feel that amplifier warmth as I bow down to worship at the altar of the riff. Australia offer up some gems from the likes of Arkheth, The Slow Death and The Furor. Crossing genres from barking mad experimental black metal to piano/synth heavy gothic doom and kicking out the jams style rock n roll scary as hell death metal!

North in to Europe we have Finnish stoned metallers Altar of Betelgeuze who just about summon the energy to play their relaxed but down-tuned bass churning rumble. And Henry Kane who are unmistakably Swedish with their Sunlight Studio sounding crusty death. And international supergroups that really do stand out, Echelon who recreate a Suffer the Children era Napalm Death vibe or Stench Price who include a glockenspiel in to their time signature bending grindcore just the way Spazztic Blurr did in the 80s.

But save this track until last, Nightgrave from India. Reverb heavy, effects experimenting blackened shoegazing as this is a great way to close off a round the world trip that included Hades itself!

• • • • •