Towers: II

Towers - II album coverI never knew that Towers had a first album, or let alone existed for that matter, until I was fortunate enough to stumble upon them via Eolian Empire’s Bandcamp page. They are most definitely flying under the radar, and it’s a damn shame too because their latest offering, the smartly titled ‘II’, is a fucking brilliant slab of chaos and devastation.

Bass-and-drum duo Rick Duncan and Darryl Swan, aka Towers, hail from Portland, Oregon. Portland has been a veritable hotbed of outstanding heavy music lately. Eight Bells, Stoneburner, Lumbar and Lord Dying are just a few of its recent, noteworthy exports that you should not miss out on. Graves at Sea are also from Portland.

“Hell” gets things going with a distorted bass line which evolves into a churning ball of echoing destruction. Blending elements of sludge and doom and even sounding a little psychedelic in the vocals at times, hell finally does come around the seven-minute and forty-second mark. “The Door at the End of the Hall” has a unique and abrasive swing to it. It reminds me of the theme song to a locally hosted Saturday night horror show that I watched as a kid called ‘Creature Feature’.

“The Chosen” is the most experimental track on ’II’, incorporating a little drone with a slow, tribal drum beat and evocative chants. The singing reminds me of being in church when I was a little kid. If you are not paying attention, you will miss “The Chosen” fading right into “In the Room of Misfortune.” Once again, Towers find a unique and interesting hook, one that will get your head bobbing and feet tapping, at least until the song and your head explode into a chaotic mass of pulp.

Yes, Eolian Empire, I do agree. Towers definitely rule the Wasteland.

Label: Eolian Empire
Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 02/11/2014
Band info: Facebook

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