Toska: S/T

Toska - S/T album cover In 2014 I visited Iceland, somewhere I had wanted to visit for many years, and it is a fascinating land, however, I was disappointed from visiting Reykjavik record shops to only find mild pop music.

So I am revisiting my memories of ice, steam, sulphur and mountains with this release crazy fast black metal EP by Toska.

And I may have even met the band members on my visit, as here they are ‘unnamed’ to add mystery to their majesty. This music gives little quarter, apart from a little tease from a gentle intro “From The Starless Night” they then let rip with unrelenting chaos. Percussion and guitars appear in competition to disorient me with absolute power and cacophony.

“Night II – Throbbing Tumulus” does include some guitar solos which I find myself clinging on to whilst I descend in to the depths of volcano Eyjafjallajökull.

We take short midway respite with “Spirits of the Winter Moon” an ambient sound scape, as the Aurora Borealis dance across the night sky, however the peace is short lived and shattered with “Night IV – The Howling Descent.” Throughout this EP the vocals are hiding behind this barrage, I can barely make out the human voice.

Date Released: 05/15/2016
Label: Eihwaz Recordings
Album Type: EP
Album info: Bandcamp

Toska is available as a digital download from Toska’s Bandcamp page, on CD from Eihwaz Recordings and on pre-order cassette from Fragile Branch.

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