Tides of Sulfur: Extinction Curse

tides_of_sulfur_extinction_curse_album_cover This sounds epic, and its barely started. There’s something anticipatory about this, I can feel it in my bones…. Pound, after pound, after pound, thrumb of guitar, crashing cymbals this is just the opening salvo. And then it breaks to chugga chugga guitar and smart short drum beats; it is an almighty marriage of sludge and pure three-piece power trio. And I LOVE IT!

This is coming out on Black Bow Records, and they aren’t exactly backwards in coming forward with brutal nihilistic sludge and doom, so it sits very well with their current roster.

Here’s the oddity, their drummer is their vocalist, and this always impresses me as to how they have the lung capacity after beating the skins to then bring forth the vocals! But Tom Lee does a masterful job, it will be interesting to see how it plays out on the live front, and luckily enough I see that they are playing the Hibernation festival on December 3rd 2016 in Camden, London, so I will hopefully trot along and celebrate my birthday with them! No hints, but I’ll be 43 on Dec 2nd.

Anyway, this makes me feel 23, not 43. The breakdowns to gentle pacing and the thumping bass drum takes me back to the early 90s but not in a totally retro way. It’s as if we have brought the 90s forward in time, and dusted it in post austerity vitriol! We have seven tracks over 50 minutes or thereabouts, which is a terrific length; long enough to get their point across, but not too long to feel they’ve outstayed their welcome, if you know what I mean.

Track three, “Woe to you O Destroyer,” breaks with the sludge and opens with a fantabulous drum roll, slipping smoothly and smokily in to some raw stoner vibe guitar. The vocals still hit me in the gut with their general disdain, I don’t think he’s very happy!

“Maltheist” offers us a deep crust slow bake, beautiful disharmonic loose guitar, with more deathly gruff vocals. And the drums keep it rolling along, “while my guitar gently burns.”

The cold winds blows on “Extinction Curse” while the psychedelic guitar winds around my head and blows my mind. “Planet Earth is about to be recycled” so they tell me… but could you wait until January 2017, so I can get to see Tides of Sulfur play it live!

Extinction Curse is available for pre-order on CD from the Black Bow Records website.

Date Released: 07/15/2016
Label: Black Bow Records
Album Type: Full Length
Album info: Bandcamp

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