The Vatican: The Trump Card & Unintimidated: Wisconsin Musicians Against Scott Walker


“Politics man, frickin’ politics”

From the other side of the pond, I can only imagine what it is like to be surrounded by the US Presidential nomination race, but if these two releases are anything to go by it is getting rather tense to say the least.

The Vatican are a relatively young band, four years in and they have already posted a strong split with A God or An Other and now follow-up with this blisteringly quick as a flash caustic ep of gore soaked gutter dwelling blast fast grindcore. With track titles of “It’s Called Theft,” “Hippy Hate” and “Flying Murder Robots,” they live in a country filled with death, corruption and fear. And I thought it was the land of the free. Their bio says the musicians are saying “we are ANGRY and we want the world to know it.” And that’s good to hear!

Musically many miles away, we also have Unintimidated: Wisconsin Artists Against Scott Walker coming out in early April. Now, I admit, I had to check who Scott Walker was, I mean, I knew he did that album with Sunno)), but didn’t expect so much of a backlash. But then I learned who he was, and can understand the sentiment here on the record. We have 16 tracks of pop punk, indie and metal nailing their colours to the mast in an attempt to raise the awareness of the feelings of dissent.

Wisconsin musicians coming together in solidarity against governor Scott Walker who is considering the GOP nomination. There is a lot of that 80s/90s feel, REM sounds permeate however readers here might be pleased to check out “Wrong” by Volunteer – humming bass heavy guitar with that slightly vacant vocal style of Black Tusk, and then the bass of Soap Moat shakes me to the core, a more experimental sound, pushing the boundaries of pure metallic noise of the former, adding in more melody.

The hardcore shows its face with bands Damsel Trash and Holy Shit!’s “How About “No,” Scott?,” bringing alive the intensity and vitriol of Minor Threat and their ilk of emotionally fraught hardcore, where they wear their hearts on their sleeves. And Damsel Trash keep it simple with a rhythmic repetitious rant requesting Scott to leave the state.

Tyranny is Tyranny deliver a cracking tune and sum up the general feeling with the song “Three Point Program to Destroy Wisconsin” – and it makes you think, if Trump wins, what will the three-point plan be for the whole country and world at large?

The Trump Card is played on May 31st 2016. For a little taste, check their Bandcamp.

Unintimidated: Wisconsin Artists Against Scott Walker: Register your support on Bandcamp.

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