The Golers: South Mountain Style

The Golers - South Mountain Style album coverAfter listening to Akasava’s occult rock this Golers album is a world away. Fast and frenetic crossover hardcore/thrash. For fans of Suicidal Tendencies and S.O.D this won’t disappoint. We have one or two minutes of pure blast energy, with a slightly more sneering vocals more akin to Rich Kids on LSD.

What the overall theme is of the record is appears to be a statement against the redneck hillbilly lifestyle, I learnt today that the Golers are named after an unsavory bunch of east coast Canadians who in the 1980s were convicted of sexual abuse and incest, along with general maltreatment of their children, so the mix of aggressive anger ridden DRI style thrash and hillbilly derision makes an awful lot of sense.

We have snippets of film dialogue focusing on the stereotypical hillbilly interspersed with a full on thrash assault, maybe peppered with idyllic sounds of the countryside make this album an uneasy listen when you think about their Deliverance style standpoint. This bunch of Golers are from west coast Canada (Vancouver) and they have toured with Napalm Death, Kreator and Destruction amongst others.

Coinciding this re-release with a Canadian summer tour, I would love to see them play live. This isn’t really bedroom music, I want to experience this in a sweaty bar backroom, heaving with ST and DRI fans!

If you think this might float your boat then check out the pre-release information here.

Right, I need to calm myself down now with something slower me thinks. Blast shields up captain.

Label: Independent
Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 06/02/2015
Band info: Facebook

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