The Crotals: Fuel, Flames, Blast

The Crotals - Fuel! Flames! Blast album coverFavez and Toboggan are two bands that I have never heard of. Current and former members of these two bands have come together to form a new band called The Crotals, another band which I hadn’t heard of until now. I’m really glad I did.

Fuel! Flames! Blast! features ten sludge fueled tracks beaming with a dirty punk laced back end. The Crotals are Maude Oswald (guitar & keyboards), Guy Borel (guitar & vocals) and Fabrice Marguerat (drums).

Right off the bat The Crotals are in your face. With a quick drum intro and big fat bass line, “Lipstick on a Pig” gets things going. Guy Borel’s vocals are dry and strained. In my opinion Guy sounds a little a lot like Wayne Static. RIP “Evil Disco” King! No worries though. This is a good thing. For the best proof of this, check out the songs “Blast” and “Slave of Damnation.”

One of the beautiful things about The Crotals is that they really never slow down. And by this I mean that even when the tempo of a song is slower, the sense of urgency is still there, and once again, Guy’s vocals play a big part in this.

“Desert Odyssey” is the closing track on Fuel! Flames! Blast!, and it boasts a nice big doom-like riff. The Crotals go out in style. Maude, Guy and Fabrice have gone and started a really good thing here, a band that I hope continues to put out great music.

Album highlights include “Mississippi,” “Polar Thoughts,” “Blast” and the instrumental “Wrath.”

Label: Tenacity Music
Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 04/03/2015
Band info: Facebook

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