Bendal Interlude: The Reign of the Unblinking Eye

The Bendal Interlude - Reign of the Unblinking Eye album coverLabel: Black Bow Records
Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 04/2016
Band info: Facebook

I missed seeing the Bendal Interlude at Desertfest a few years back as I was busy with another band I’m sure. But I think I have seen them at a When Planets Collide Summer Sizzler, or maybe a Winter Warmer down in my favourite venue, the Brixton Windmill.

These guys from Liverpool might not sound much like the Merseybeat of yore, but know how to get a groove going, without losing any of their sheer intense sludginess. The first couple of tracks really throw you up against a wall with sheer caustic bile of sludge n roll, however “The Unblinking Eye” slows things down with a little spacey trip that breaks forth in to their signature gallop whilst I can imagine Nat’s veins bulging as he screams forth his vocal tirades.

For me the stand out track is “Creeks Gigantic” as from the offset it sets out its stall and just lets itself go! A foot stomper that I really get into, and as guitarist Stu said they wanted to make an album of “full bodied tracks the listener could sink their teeth in to” – and they haven’t failed here, along with the standard sound they include a wee guitar lead and it breaks down towards the end with samples and technical vocal echo wizardry. Close behind this track in running order as well as ‘Dave’s Fave’ is “Triumph of Fortitudo.” Another belter and as we are over halfway through I feel they have truly found their stride.

Closer “R.I.P” really sums up this band – a blend of intense thrashing and sludge sensibilities all wrapped up in the groove of Cathedral.

• • • • •