Terra: Untitled

Terra - Untitled album coverIt always amuses me how towns get ‘twinned’ with other towns all over the world. Most times I am befuddled as to why they have made the link – no obvious similarities spring to mind.

But here we have natural synchronicity, Dewar PR based in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada are promoting Terra, a three-piece from Cambridge, UK. This is how twinning should work!

Terra are a relatively new band, only a year or so old, but their sound does not demonstrate nerves or anxieties, quite the opposite, it is a competent, confident black metal album along the lines of Wolves in the Throne room. It’s a simple three-piece of drum, bass, guitar and twin vocals that create some very exciting sounds, the soaring buzzing BM guitar with some little lifts out of the barrage, along with the type of vocals that remind me of Golem being tortured in the Lord of the Rings movies….’Ssshhiiirrreee!!!….Baaggiiinnnsssss’

It isn’t too harsh, quite mesmerizing at times, and this is what appeals to me about these BM albums. I get worn out by the brutal style, getting too old I guess….. But it is certainly scary and unpleasant, this is not a relaxing meditation, I’m not happily losing weight while I sleep, no it is the hypnotic call of Sauron and the gut wrenching pull towards his evil (too much Tolkein references?) or the complex chaotic simplicity of a creeping return to nature.

Like watching fast frame films of decomposing leaves begetting new growth. No track titles other that I, II, & III, and without a lyric sheet I have no idea the themes of these tunes, however I really don’t think they are about weight loss.

A brilliant, refreshing debut from such a young band. They have played a bit in the UK with the likes of Torpor, Sonance and Moss (hopefully before Moss went all 70s), so I look forward to catching them live one day.

Label: Independent
Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 03/31/2015
Band info: Facebook

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