Teorema_album_cover Finally seeing a proper CD release on Via Nocturna after a low key original release in 2015, Mexican duo Teorema set out on a rather varied stall in their band biog of post rock, doom, noisy ambience and somewhere they say folk.

Largely instrumental to start, where the post rock feels comes to the fore, but by track three “Damned Country,” we have guttural death grunting style vocals, in which sounds a far more traditional deathly grindcore tune, whilst “Saint Place” has some echoey easy going guitar strumming – is this the folk they speak of?

For a band that states ‘incorporates elements of sludge metal, drone, doom, ambient, folk and noise rock’ I am finding this rather dull and not as varied as I hoped.

“Fuegos Fatuous” chooses the simple guitar strumming and drums again which balance the noisier end of their canon, and this does show promise, they crank it up to the post rock sound towards the end of the track and the album closer “Abismo” finishes the piece with a seven minute rumble.

This seemed a little dull and confused to me, not sure where they really want to be, but given time, I would certainly revisit later output to see where their sonic explorations take them.

Date Released: 07/29/2016
Label: Via Nocturna
Album Type: Full Length
Album info: Bandcamp

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