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Britain, London, roast beef, and Big Ben chimes News at Ten! But Big Ben has been silenced for essential maintenance, and the chattering classes are up in arms! And it takes a foreigner, a Canadian, to rub it in releasing this album which starts off with tolling bells! Coincidence? Or saboteur?

I don’t think anyone chooses art as a career path, art chooses you! And an artist cannot stop creating, which brings me to Takhisis, another one-man project by Rich of Blackened Death Records. Rich’s output is varied as it is prolific, he is the World Controller, the man behind Elk, he lives in the Carnivorous Forest of Croydon, South London recording death metal, blackened doom, thrash and anti-fascist neo-folk under as many monikers as he has had hot dinners of poutine! And when he’s not ding that he is releasing other band’s work on his label.

This mini album is a collection of older works and recent additions, where Rich arranges all instrumentation of thrumming guitars, pounding drums and adds his dulcet gruff tones of mid paced blackened doom death mixing the gothic backdrop of My Dying Bride with Slayer-esque guitar leads tickled with gentle discordant interludes such as “Qarinah.”

“Gratissimum ad Infernos” is a piano and synth piece wafting through the haze that seems to act as a midway chapter break. Maybe this bookmarks the old and new pieces here as there is a very different feel to the latter half, slightly faster, more frustrated anger with tracks like “Soul Swallower” and “Rage of Tiamat.” Maybe, whilst the Big Ben bongs are absent, we can get Rich to record some chimes to ring out across Olde London Towne. Let’s see if he can fit it in to his hectic schedule!

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