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Wooaarrgghh! The Power n Violence of Grindcore!

Terminal NationPowerviolence is fast like a short sharp shock a cousin of grindcore, and both are not known for their gentle volume levels. But here I find Arkansas’s Terminal Nation recorded rather on the quiet-side and Absolute Control will appear via Deep Six Records on June 9 2017. Bludgeoning their way through 9 tracks lasting from 30 to 160 seconds even sounding a little like Lawnmower Deth on their track ‘Grave’

Powerviolence waits for no man, and the trademark frenetic race to the end is evident through the majority of these tracks. The latter half stretch their time out over 2 minutes, which allows for some deviation and even some rhythm sections on songs like ‘Pulse of the Dead’.

And set closer ‘Broken’ could be a different band all together, as it slows down to the relentless grind barrage of a shell bombardment.

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