#Shorttokes – Summer Smoke, Psych and….. Sheep?

Maid Vale

In Maida Vale, there is a famous BBC recording studio in London, and I guess this is their reasoning for the name, as opposed to just the name of the district…. This album kicks off with some swagger and strutting like Hendrix playing with Rage Against the Machine all although they sound like they could hail from Haight Ashbury circa ’68 there is a definite modernism to the vocalist’s delivery. Yet, they hail from Sweden, not San Francisco, forming in 2012. There are solid drums, and between the percussion and the vocalist the guitars lay down some swimmingly soothing psychedelic guitar licks. ‘Dirty War’ opens like Hendrix’s Voodoo Child, but soon they stamp their own moniker on the tune. And ‘Heaven and Earth’ closes the album as it opens up with exploratory expanses of guitar reverb and gently takes me by the hand and leads the way….
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Clan: Witchcraft

Clan - Witchcraft album coverLabel: Independent
Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 08/01/2014
Band info: Facebook

There is a distinct 70s blues, downer rock feel to this. From all sorts of hairy influences; Dust, Pentagram, Leafhound and wood paneled rooms in old castles. And on the table of said room is an open bottle of whiskey which is ding the rounds. These vocals have a liquored sound to them. Clan are from Norwich, a town in that East Anglia area of the UK again. What is it with that area? What’s in the water? This album has been available digitally for a year, and now sees the light of day as a proper vinyl release. “First Step” has some beautifully fuzzy guitar playing joyfully alongside a cheeky drum raps. I want to think of this power trio wearing tight bleached flared jeans and suede leather jackets with arm tassels… don’t spoil it for me.

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