Void Ritual -Heretical Wisdom

Void Ritual cover

I am pleasantly surprised by how much I like this. I think Void Ritual are a one-man outfit producing black metal, and there are many of these kinda outfits out there, and sometimes I listen and feel it doesn’t work, however on ‘Heretical Wisdom’ I hear a maturity and musicianship that is worthy of your time and money. ‘The Flood’ starts us off in an expected frenetic way, yet it is ‘Breathing Ice’ that really piques my attention as it slows down its rhythm to that beautiful Bathory-esque momentum and my head cannot but worship with a meditative nod.

This is the first full album release by Dan and his Void Ritual moniker who probably don’t need much of an introduction in these pages. After an EP and a split EP this album is seeing a full CD release on Throats Productions and cassette via Tridroid Records in August 2017, so proper backing and exposure! The instruments are all equally used and balanced throughout, so the drums get a bit of an expose on ‘Heretical Wisdom’ title track bringing them forward from purely a beat keeper, ‘Frozen Altar’ includes a very slight keyboard presence, but handled in a subtle way as to not overpower the track.
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Wicked Inquisition: S/T

Wicked Inquisition - S/T album coverTridroid Records does it again with the new Wicked Inquisition album! I was recommended to try them by King Curtis, and I loved their ‘Silence Thereafter’ ep. And the album cover entices us with five impish ladies bathing in a lake. So you know what to expect, a laid back stoner-riff-ic slab of 70s hedonism, with goblins, and maybe a wizard or two.

Opening track ‘Black Magik Nacht’ kicks off from the get go, with delicious Troublesome chugging riffs, with some beautifully simple plectrum work. And ‘Crimson Odyssey’ has some lead guitars worthy of Sabbath, Vitus and the like with a dab, or a tab of psychedelia.

The 4 piece from Minnesota formed in 2008, and still look annoyingly young (I still haven’t been able to find the elixir of youth), yet this sounds such a rounded and mature album. Nate Towle the guitarist/vocalist wanted to fuse his love of Sabbath, Budgie and Blue Oyster Cult, and I can really hear the Budgie influence in the teasing guitar scales.

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