Laser Flames on the Great Big News – self titled album


To review this album, I have decided this should be interactive with audience participation. Here’s what you need to do:

Fetch pen, paper and ruler. Draw a grid 5 x 5 leaving you squares big enough to write in.

Now fill the 25 boxes with a variety of your favourite rock, pop and metal acts. Purchase the album Laser Flames on the Big News by the Tennessee band of the same name which was out on Wood and Stone Productions on June 30th, 2017, and cross off the bands in your grid as and when you hear them on this record.

Press play and join John Judkins of Rwake and Stephanie Bailey as they play vocal blows off each other whilst the band scot around a number of genres, sub-genres and classic standards.
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Hortlak: S/T

Hortlak album cover Date Released: 01/26/2016
Label: Independent
Album Type: Full length
Album info: Bandcamp

There’s only one word for the recent venomous death metal wickedness comes out from that El Paso, Texas. Hortlak. And sudden death happened! These Texan death metallers have brought their self-titled debut album, wrapped in a massive musical development, which confronts the listener with tones of old school Swedish death metal to modern American death metal influences.

At first listens, Hortlak may sound like a mediocre album which has nothing special in itself. But after giving it more spins it definitely sounds a like a classic death metal release. Its sharp and definite production totally keeps the music away of any muddy, murky moods, keeping the listeners very close to the catchy riffs and groovy drums which is programmed by Mike, the bassist of the band. Kyle, the vocalist has done a perfect job. His massive guttural voice is psychotic and it completely has its own positive place in the music of the album, offers more brutality pushing the music.

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Hot Coffin: S/T

Hot Coffin album cover Date Released: 04/01/2016
Label: Triple Eye Industries
Album Type: Full length
Album info: Bandcamp

Snotty, sneering punk. Not to say that this isn’t well thought out, because to get it right takes genius, and this is just about on the money, but it is nice to listen to something basic and simple, in the way that it hasn’t been “over thought” like too much technical proggy stuff can be.

This is raw punk from the dawn of man. And it doesn’t even pause for breath. Just rolls track after track, beating you in to submission. “Hammer Throw” breaks down in to a nice drum beat and riff so there is a little respite, while “The Bait” brings in a little discordant guitar to counterbalance the pile driving back barrage.

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Mercy Brown: S/T

Mercy Brown - Mercy Brown album coverI have only just received this, even though it’s been out a couple of months. And in the preamble it suggested I might like it if I enjoy Immolation and Witch Mountain. Now there’s a massive chasm between those two acts, so with caution I hit play.

And I’m met with what I expected, uber-fast drumming, gruff and growling vocals of a solid death metal variety, but wait, half way through second track “Birds” I hear a sweet soaring angelic female voice. So this is where the Witch Mountain reference comes in. It’s a very competent offering, using the breaks of sweet choral styles balanced with the death metal growl.

Mercy Brown, a four piece from Washington USA use Sera’s vocal range well and “Red and Yellow” gets a great fast groove going on from the start, and this one punches hard. And we are slowed down a pace with “Where the Fire Is” where the drummer proves he is more than just fast and furious, using a number of styles within the opening minutes and this is where we really see the band come alive. Some rolling drums, and rhythmic guitar attack alongside the powerful vocals of a ‘lady wot does doom’, plus that underbelly of death metal rumble.

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Greenbeard: S/T

Greenbeard - S/T album coverI am not sleeping well at the moment, and this album appeared like it was a prescription dose.

Three Texans plug-in, sit back and let it flow. It’s just what the doctor ordered. The album starts with the pounding Bellerophon, a deep belter of a track that starts you on their journey. Love is Pity has a drum beat that nears Motorik standards, however towards the end of the track it breaks down in to squalling acid fried stereophonic psyche guitar.

All this energy has worn them out as Eris starts a sun baked stoner groove, making me feel like tumbleweed as I get slowly tossed along the desert by a warm zephyr…..pulling from the breadth of hard and heavy bluesy rock with their acid baked stereophonic guitar play.

Sludgito is a stand out track, slow and low and all I can manage is the doom nod to keep in time. With classic peaks and troughs of fuzzy doom and slightly distant vocals bringing an ‘otherworldliness’ to it, reminding me of Sleepy Sun.

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