Misery Index

Misery Index: The Killing Gods

Misery Index - The Killing Gods album coverMisery Index is one of those bands who has not put a foot wrong in their career. Since their early days back in 2001 with their first EP Overthrow, they have shown they are ready to blast every single note, transforming it into the most brutal thing you’ve ever heard and their fifth album The Killing Gods is nothing but the same astonishing brutal visions they had kept through their four previous albums.

The first thing you notice in The Killing Gods is the two instrumental short songs “Urfaust,” the first song and “The Oath,” the third. “Urfaust” is a great and interesting intro and has a tune that we haven’t heard too often from Misery Index, “melodic”! And this song is like a secret message for the listeners, you are going to have a melodic album on your hands. But it doesn’t mean there’s no longer brutality in the album. Even though “Urfaust” is a minute long song but with its melodic construction acts like a bridge to the next song and it demonstrates the second song’s attitude, “The Calling,” which is constructed with an intro of attacking blastbeats that lead us to some Thrashy riffs but is melodic and groovy at the same time. The third song, “The Oath,” consists of thrilling dissonant guitar arpeggio surrounded by ravens sounds, which makes this track so dark and atmospheric, carrying us to the fourth song, “Conjuring the Cull.” Once again filled-with-brutal-riffs but in a more Thrashy way with a touch of guitar arpeggio from the third song are present in this song, which shows the band connecting their songs with similar riffs and melodies.

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