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Takhisis – Takhisis Review

Britain, London, roast beef, and Big Ben chimes News at Ten! But Big Ben has been silenced for essential maintenance, and the chattering classes are up in arms! And it takes a foreigner, a Canadian,

Alastor - Black Magic

Alastor – Black Magic Review

Swedish doomsayers Alastor are releasing this EP on Twin Earth in March 2017 digitally and CD, and maybe a vinyl copy will follow. It has a very Swedish sound, as it’s opening riffs remind me

Space Witch - Arcanum

Space Witch – Arcanum Review

Since I last cavorted with these witches in their sacred grove, they have either added an old crone to their coven or retrained at Spell School as vocals are now a thing, and originally, I

Allfather - Inherit the Dust

Allfather – Inherit the Dust Review

You may have heard this already, you may be listening to it right now. You can listen to it, enjoying this terrible noise because we live in peace. You can choose to listen (or not)

Shroudeater/Dead Hand split

Shroud Eater/Dead Hand – Split Review

Dead Hand tease us during their side of the split, as it soon melts down in to a very relaxed vibe, gently pulsating guitar strings and keyboards. Hang on, did it say Dead Head, or

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