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Corpse Paint and Dayglo

What The Night Wants – Corpsepaint and Dayglo

Respected Chicago melodic death metal outfit Death on Fire teams up with newcomers Corpse Paint and Dayglo to bring fans a unique split album of originals and covers titled Hope, which will be

Crucible of Hate

My Vinyl Offering – Dan Rivera

Crucible of Hate (left to right: Donny Phillips, Dan Rivera, Dave Miller, Pete Rensch) In My Vinyl Offering, we get up close and personal with our favorite musicians and friends to find out

Necrosexual - Pink Mass

Pink Mass – Necrosexual Review

Place your faith in the filth, is their bye line. And that’s not a bad introduction in to Pink Mass, as they are fine purveyors of sado-masochistic gore grind, sexual splatter horror like

Kult Mogil - Portentaque

Kult Mogił – Portentaque EP Review

Polish death metallers Kult Mogił formed back in 2014, and this EP is a follow up to their debut Anxiety Never Descending LP and I reckon this would go down well with Carcass

Hortlak - Hortlak

Hortlak – Hortlak

There’s only one word for the recent venomous death metal wickedness comes out from that El Paso, Texas. Hortlak. And sudden death happened! These Texan death metallers have brought their self-titled debut album,