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Clouds Taste Satanic

Video: Clouds Taste Satanic – Violence Part III

The doom atmospherists Clouds Taste Satanic have released the third video from their 2017 album The Glitter of Infinite Hell. Directed by G. Acampora, the video is wrought with visual disturbance* to accompany

Steve Scavuzzo

My Vinyl Offering – Steve Scavuzzo

In My Vinyl Offering, we get up close and personal with our favorite musicians and friends to find out the most cherished parts of their record collection. This time around we feature the

broken record

Ken’s Top 10 Favorite Albums of 2017

I love vinyl, so the above photo is disturbing to me. It’s actually hard for me to look at. Much like the world we live in. As much as I do not want


Happy Friday the 13th

Happy Friday the 13th fools! For those of you suffering from Triskaidekaphobia, or fear of the number 13, we put together a list of 13 bands that you should definitely not be afraid