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1968 - Fortuna Havana album coverMy, they have been busy of late with some excellent tuneage coming near your ears this year! What better way to sum up the events of last year with a release schedule of grunging, stoner, doom and sludge to nourish us nether-beings and keep us hanging on.

Kicking off this mighty crop is 1968, a British rawk band funnelling the colours of Black, Blue and Purple, of the Sabbath, Cheer and Deep kind! Names after their mutual musical love of the albums released in that halcyon year 1968.

This four track EP Fortuna Havana was released on Feb 10th, so is hot off the press, and the amps are still humming with that sweet fuzz vibe! 1968 offer full pelt power rock assault. Riffs, lead solos, and I fully expect dusty flares and billowing shirts to boot! Opener “Vorpal” makes no bones about what is going on here, amplifier worship of the hazy 1960s. and it’s a boogie beauty getting me get my thang on straight away!

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Tides of Sulfur: Extinction Curse

tides_of_sulfur_extinction_curse_album_cover This sounds epic, and its barely started. There’s something anticipatory about this, I can feel it in my bones…. Pound, after pound, after pound, thrumb of guitar, crashing cymbals this is just the opening salvo. And then it breaks to chugga chugga guitar and smart short drum beats; it is an almighty marriage of sludge and pure three-piece power trio. And I LOVE IT!

This is coming out on Black Bow Records, and they aren’t exactly backwards in coming forward with brutal nihilistic sludge and doom, so it sits very well with their current roster.

Here’s the oddity, their drummer is their vocalist, and this always impresses me as to how they have the lung capacity after beating the skins to then bring forth the vocals! But Tom Lee does a masterful job, it will be interesting to see how it plays out on the live front, and luckily enough I see that they are playing the Hibernation festival on December 3rd 2016 in Camden, London, so I will hopefully trot along and celebrate my birthday with them! No hints, but I’ll be 43 on Dec 2nd.

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