Ellorsith: 1959

Ellorsith - 1959 album coverRising from Scotland, Ellorsith plays Atmospheric Death Metal with some Black Metal touches. Their musical concept is centered on a mysterious event that took place on the night of February 2, 1959 in the northern Ural mountains, famously known as The Dyatlov Pass incident, where nine ski hikers met their horrifying yet unsolved deaths. As you see this concept is very rare to be spoken in the metal scene but it is interesting enough to be chosen as the concept for your band’s debut album.

Ellorsith is as mysterious as The Dyatlov Pass incident, date of the band’s formation and band members’ names are not available yet. However that helps the band to continue their activity so mystic. Ellorsith have simply named their debut demo EP as “1959”, which clearly refers to the year of the mysterious incident with an album cover that shows a photo of the ski hikers, hiking through the Ural mountains. This album cover and album title is quite charming to lead you to listen to the album on its own. Ellorsith’s music revolves around Death Metal, with reverberant atmospheric guitar riffs and drums which take the music to some Black Metal structures, filled with Death Metal growls. It helps to create an enormous sound scape fitting the name of Dyatlov incident. Songs on 1959 are long enough, giving the band more space to focus more on dynamic atmospheric pieces, avoiding writing repetitive parts through the lengthy songs and that is by far 1959’s important point.

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