Sunday Stoner Sludge Sermon Green Bastard and Jagged Mouth

Green Bastard - Pyre album coverMaybe its the effect of the cleaning products I have used in the bathroom and kitchen this Sunday morning I can imagine New England stoner-doom trio Green Bastard will cause a stir when they release their debut LP, Pyre on November 16th 2016 on Midnight Werewolf records as a cassette and download as it creates the expectation of an epic listen.

Three tortuous tracks are on offer by the three tortuous members with their slow-baked slackened sludge. There’s something ‘post rock’ about this in their detached, disharmonic guitar sound but it’s barrelling juggernaut behemoth sound will in grain itself in to the subconscious of the unconscious sludge fans I am sure!

I am a little disappointed with the vocals here as they are a little weak in my opinion, it sounds like he can’t keep the note he is aiming for at times and there is a distinct lack of bass sound! The constant fuzz maelstrom is omnipresent but not deep enough for my taste. It can appear a little two-dimensional, and I want to escape in to a four or five-dimensional ocean of sound.

Pyre is a long listen, and with obvious nods to the likes of Sleep, maintains the lilting guitar sound that plays just above the storm below.

Jagged Mouth - Louring album coverIn comparison to fellow Americans Louring by Jagged Mouth the latter sounds more mature, a fuller sound with a deeper sonic signature and a vocal that is consistent throughout the piece.

You will find five tracks within a Gustav Dore type album sleeve, both bands opting for a harsh black and white sketch, and the five tracks only come in at around 45 minutes in total, a quarter of an hour shorter than Green Bastard. Yet, I can cope with this as a more manageable, tangible piece of work.

I think Jagged Mouth are also a three-piece, yet these are far more of a power trio than Green Bastard, maybe this is how I differ them; Green Bastard have more of that post rock cleverness that bubbles along, as opposed to Jagged Mouth who go for your jugular with blackened doom brain melting heaviness which makes sense when you understand one-third of the band are from Lamentations of the Ashen.

Jagged Mouth will lure you in with their dark and threatening skies on Oct 28th with this self-release album. Don’t forget yer brolly!

• • • • •